Here Come the Girls 

Having established ourselves as an organisation successfully providing substitute families for the abandoned and orphaned boys from our own residential care facility (Acasa) we then had the opportunity to extend 'A family for me' to start arranging placements for children not previously in our care.  This was the beginning of us working with girls as well as boys.

This combined with continued improvements in the state's provision of residential care significantly reduced the need for us to run our own residential care centre. In 2008 we said goodbye to Acasa and most of FICR's staff as they transitioned to new leadership with the backing of the provider of the building. This allowed us to re-target our limited resources more directly where our heart was - namely in the provision of loving families for abandoned and orphaned children within Romania.

Once again the Romanian state stepped up its provision embracing foster care as part of its plan to close all of its legacy large scale institutional 'orphanages', and so our journey took another turn.…