Preventing Abandonment

Prevention is better than cure. By intervening before a child is separated from their loving family, the potential for a lifetime in the care system can be avoided, and generational cycles of abandonment can be broken.

To this end RICF has been working with mothers at high risk of abandoning their babies, to prevent child abandonment.  Our 'Maternity Project' as it is known provides mentoring, training, advocacy and peer support alongside some initial financial help which, for many, is what makes keeping their baby even possible. 

This financial element tapers down to zero over the course 12 months. This avoids creating long term financial dependency, and allows us to impact many more families over time.

Our training equips mothers with skills in newborn care, parenting and budgeting. Our advocacy and professional assistance ensures mothers have access to all applicable state support, e.g. child and carer’s allowances. Our mentoring supports mums in finding safe and regular employment and our peer support groups help build support networks that can last even after mothers have 'graduated' from the project.

It is a real privilege to seeing how the mums grow in self esteem and confidence through this project. How their bond with their baby grows strong and close and how their parenting skills blossom. What a difference from abandonment and a life in the care system! 

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