Meet the RICF Team

The UK charity RICF is governed by its three trustees. The charity also has 2 regional representatives and an inspiring patron.


RICF provides financial support to the Romanian registered foundation FICR and two of its three trustees and one of its regional representatives also serve as members of the international Board of Directors which governs FICR.


FICR’s work on the ground in Romania is carried out by a team of dedicated Romanian staff, under the leadership of its General Director, Ovidiu Ferent.


RICF and FICR are funded by donations from individuals, trust funds, charitable organisations and companies from the UK, Romania and from other countries around the world. We consider that these donors also form part of the RICF team, as without their donations, none of the work of RICF would be possible. Many thanks to all those who contribute so that children's lives can be changed for the better.