Our Projects

Family reunification

The best option for a child, where this is possible, is to be placed back with his or her biological family, immediate or extended, with support from RICF where needed.

A Family for me

Children who can’t be looked after by their own relatives are provided with the opportunity to live in a foster family. This allows them to experience the atmosphere of a real family and become fully integrated into Romanian society. In order to do this, we recruit, train and employ Romanian ‘maternal assistants’ (foster carers).

Independent living

RICF continues to provide mentoring, financial and educational support for the young people in its care after they reach 18. Through the independent living project young people are assisted with finding accommodation, and are helped with important life skills such as administering personal finances.

Professional Development Project

RICF helps young people to choose an appropriate career which they will enjoy, and offers financial and moral support to see them through professional training courses, university or college. It supports young people as they enter the workplace, until they are well established in their job.

Maternity Project

RICF works with mothers at high risk of abandoning their babies, to prevent child abandonment. Mothers in this project are supported with an education package, professional advocacy and financial support.