The vast majority of RICF's funding comes from individuals like you and we are very grateful. We know you only have so much money and you give what you can but are there ways you could help us reach more people?

Spread the word

Could you tell 3 people this week about RICF? You don't have to ask them for money just show them our website and tell them what you love about us and our work.

Share us on social media.

Do something you love

What do you love doing? Could you turn it into some kind of challenge and get people to sponsor you for it?

Have a ball

Is there some kind of event you could host in aid of RICF? We've had people play gigs and host quizzes in the past - what could you do?

Keep us posted

We'd love to hear your ideas. If we can help with donation forms or literature just let us know. Similarly if you'd like us to publish your event on our facebook group just ping us a message. You can email us ( ) or send us a note here: